Kurt Gray
Kurt Gray

About Me

A skilled software developer focused on solving problems with clean, maintainable code. My passion for building mechanisms to creatively address real-world problems extends from my considerable experience as a teacher, curriculum developer, composer, visual designer, and team leader in the music education space. As a software developer I have taken those skills into full-stack development, integrating powerful and relevant technologies in the Javascript and Java ecosystems. I graduated from the FastTrack Full-Stack Developer program, completed The Odin Project web developer curriculum, and hold bachelors and masters degrees from leading universities.

My Skill Areas

Front End
Full Stack
Back End
REST API Development
Database Management

Front End


Back End

Spring Boot


Brain Thoughts

Brain Thoughts

A Personal MERN stack multi-user blogging platform

  • Created a versatile multi-user platform for easy content management and admin privileges for efficient content control, enhancing the UX while promoting engagement
  • Engineered the backend schema and deployed a RESTful API with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB to ensure efficient data management and seamless user experiences
  • Enabled seamless user authentication by implementing JWT and Google OAuth2 via Passport, allowing for user account creation and secure Google login
  • Implemented diverse features, including rich text editing, image uploads, user interactions, content management, and an intuitive admin interface

Environment: JavaScript | React | React Query | Node.js | Express.js | MongoDB

Cook Sys Project Board

Cook Sys Project Board

A Full Stack Project Management App

  • Enhanced user experience through leading a team through the creation and design of a dynamic project management dashboard
  • Ensured cohesive data flow by integrating a robust data model with Angular Services singleton
  • Achieved seamless backend integration by clarifying, refining, synchronizing API endpoints with the backend team
  • DDelivered timely and tested feature releases by operating in sprint cycles alongside a diverse team using Git

Environment: TypeScript | Angular | Java | Spring Boot | PostgreSQL

Social Media API

Social Media API

A RESTful API for a social media platform

  • Implemented a RESTful Web Service with 30 endpoints for full CRUD functionality for Tweets, Users, Tags, Mentions, and Followers using Java and the Spring framework
  • Utilized Spring Boot and JPA to implement endpoints that handle HTTP requests, backend logic, and converts data between API requests and its database models
  • Optimized, tested, and troubleshot database operations in Postman, minimizing server overhead, enhancing the application’s efficiency and responsiveness
  • Collaborated in an agile team setting powered by Git, ensuring a robust and scalable product delivery on schedule

Environment: Java | Spring Boot | JPA | PostgreSQL | pgAdmin | Git | IntelliJ | Maven



A full-stack recipe and pantry management app (in development)

  • Leveraged the OpenAI API for personalized recipe recommendations using user ingredients and preferences, enhancing personal relevance and engagement
  • Architected the app for optimal CRUD operations, liking, and commenting on recipes, boosting user interaction, retention, and potential revenue growth
  • Implemented robust authentication measures, including JWT and Google OAuth2, providing secure user authorization and enabling account creation or Google login

Environment: TypeScript | React | Next.js | Prisma | Postgres

Who’s Who?

Who’s Who?

A musical guessing game utilizing the Spotify API

  • Created an intuitive, user-friendly game where players test their music knowledge through dynamically created questions and answers
  • Increased user engagement by integrating user input to create a custom gaming experience, adapting questions based on players’ preferences
  • Ensured efficient use of resources and minimized costs by optimizing Spotify Web API calls to reduce unnecessary requests
  • Leveraged Angular best practices to ensure a smooth and scalable game platform through collaboration in a cross-functional team

Environment: TypeScript | Angular | HTML | CSS | Spotify Web API

Beat Boss

Beat Boss

A programmable metronome app for musical practice applications

  • A metronome for standard and programmable time-keeping functions, using Web Audio API and Tone.js
  • Implements React Hooks to meet the complex needs of interacting with real-time audio
  • Features include sound libraries, per-subdivision and master gain controls, visual component synced with audio
  • Programmable mode features user–customizable segments of tempo, time signature, iteration count, sounds, and gain levels
  • Modeled after the widely used “Dr. Beat” electronic metronome, with improved programming capabilities and UI

Environment: React | Web Audio API | Tone.js

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